Skipit Puppy Romper with Small Blanket in Front Pocket Size 6-9 Months

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soft blue and white striped cotton knit short romper

silly warning of "no sniffing" embroidered on the backside

binkie puppy is tucked in front for safe traveling 

machine wash and dry

Too cute for words!  This soft, cozy and fun striped cotton knit short romper in soothing blue and white stripes has unique de-tails for fashion, function and fun.

Embroidered on the backside is a bouncing ball with the warning “No Sniffing”.

The snap crotch makes diaper changes a breeze, and snaps at the neckline, make dressing even the wiggliest of littles a little less daunting. 

And just when you think it can't get any better, it does. Tucked inside a pocket on the front of the romper is a wee matching binkie puppy for a little one to soothe and play with.  They'll actually want to hold still to get dressed in this outfit.

Easy care machine wash and dry. 100% cotton knit romper. Cotton and polyester binkie.